Maiden voyage

Now that Jim and I have a car officially in his name I have no more excuses for not driving here in Guatemala. So it was with some nervousness that I agreed to make my first trip. Sharron and Richard needed a ride to the airport, and, since Sharron had several bags since this was her big move back to the States, it made sense to take our car (Ford Explorer). I made her drive to the airport since I didn’t want to subject any passengers to my first turn behind the wheel here, and then I got to drive home alone. It actually went quite well. I only had one error – I was in the wrong lane for the returno and got sent down a different ramp instead. No biggie – before long I was able to take another returno that got me headed back the way I needed to go, and the rest of the trip was smooth sailing. I’m still not looking forward to the first time I have to do the u-turn to head into San Lucas, but one day I will conquer that fear as well. But that will be another story…

God bless!
Jim & Kate