Judas kiss #4

Painters Andres, Lorenzo, Edgar, and Jose Fernando
Painters Andres, Lorenzo, Edgar, and Jose Fernando


A team from Praising Place in Charlotte, NC is here.

Josue’ leaves for the states for 3 weeks with Telemedicine so today he & I shopped for items for the teenage boys.

Larry & Sue had a going away dinner for Sharon.


Continuing with the these of deception by a close friend we see the story of Isaac & Rebecca and her pregnancy which produced twins Esau and Jacob. Jacob will deceive his brother of his birthright and will do it under the instruction of his mother.

Later Jacob will lie to his father concerning who he is when he puts on hair to deceive his blind father into thinking he is Esau. Tom make it even a greater deception he brings God into the mix as he tells his father when questioned as to how could he catch and kill a deer so quickly. His answer is “The Lord your God brought it to me”.

So deceit is how Jacob inherits the birthright intended for his brother. The sadness will continue as Jacob has to run from the anger of Esau only to end up with his uncle who will then deceive Jacob. When he works for 7 years for the hand of Rachel only to be deceived by being given Leah he asks “Why then have you deceived and cheated me?”

The answer is easy to ascertain isn’t it? It came around! We will truly reap what we sow. Jacob tempted his brother then he deceived his father and the brothers split and suffered for the sin. It stayed in the family. Brother deceived brother. Son deceived father. Wife deceived husband. Uncle deceives nephew.

Deceivers will never get away with their deceit.