Jim joins in

So, I’m lagging behind in the whole Christmas prep flurry. The girls decorated on Friday, and last night Jim began cooking some of the turkeys for Christmas. Turkey #1 is finished and de-boned, and turkey #2 is getting ready to go into the oven. Now, you may say, isn’t it a little early to be cooking turkeys for Christmas? Well, normally I’d say yes, but the banquets are only 3 weeks away and last I heard we have almost 21 turkeys to be cooked. No, Jim is not cooking all 21, but he is helping the other ladies put a dent in that number so that no one has to do too many. Besides, he loves to cook and is good at it! In the meantime, I sit back and listen to my Christmas music and pour through the new cookie cookbook we got in the States trying to decide which yummy morsels the girls and I can start whipping up in the coming weeks! We also got a set of holiday cookie cutters to aid in the process. Yes, soon our kitchen will be cookie central, and wonderful smells will be drifting all through the house…yum!

God bless!
Jim & Kate