Adventures in ice cream land

Praise the Lord! All of our girls are Level 5 this week! This wonderous event has not occurred since the first week we moved to Esperanza back in August. As a reward, Jim decided he wanted to take the girls into town for ice cream. Now that we have a car, and it can hold several girls, this was a great idea to all involved. We broke them into several small groups and took them over the course of 3-4 days. Jim took the first two groups along with one of our leaders, but I got to join him for the last two groups. We took them to Sarita’s in the Paiz mall and then cruised the mall to let them see some of the different shops and just enjoy some time away. Both times the girls wanted their picture taken in front of the giant Christmas tree in the mall, and they had to try out going up and down the escalator! It was so much fun to see the world through their eyes! We really look forward to being able to take them on other small excursions now that we have the ease of our own transportation. God is so good!
God bless!
Jim & Kate