Well adjusted

We have been blessed by having a chiropractor from Elevation Church come down to minister to us for 3 weeks! She was part of a team that came down this summer, and she felt called to come back. The kids remember her and will come running up to her to get adjusted. The adults are loving it too. When she adjusted my neck this evening she said, “Oh yeah, you’re the one with the neck like a rock. I remember you.” Yep, that’s me, but it’s my neck, my shoulders, my back…cold, stress, sleeping wrong – it doesn’t take much. Hopefully over the course of the three weeks she’s here we will be able to loosen up the boulders (er, shoulders) and neck a bit.

I was telling her that the next time I’m back in WA I need to bring back my traction bar, etc. to help my neck. I told her I got them from a chiropractor I used to go to. She asked if they were Maximized Living chiropractors, and I said that they were. She asked where I had gone to them and I said in Idaho. She then asked their name, and I said their last name was Main. She said, “Dr. Rosie?” When I said yes, she said she had done her internship under them! (imagine strains of “It’s a Small Word” starting to play). I love our God!

God bless!
Jim & Kate