All things new

So much has been going on! A few weeks ago, one of our girls that has lived here most of her life went to audiencia. We found out that when she came to Casa as a child, the court gave her a name. At this audiencia the judge asked her if she would like to pick a name for herself, and she did. So, we now have Sofia in our dorm.

Then, a couple of weeks ago we got a new girl! Lidia is 13 and in 6th grade. Unfortunately she arrived during Study Week, so she will not go to school until the new school year starts in January. She appears to be smart, and I’m sure she will do well when she gets to go to school.

Our blues continue! First it was the girls’ sala, then it was some furniture that needed a facelift, and now it is the sala in our apartment! We were originally going to go with green because there was already one green wall, but after Jim started painting with the green we had left over from the girls we decided it just wasn’t the right color. We looked at other shades of green, but didn’t really like any of them, so we looked at the blues and found a really nice light blue that actually brought out some of the colors in the existing curtains so they won’t need replacing!

We also have a “new” vehicle (new to us)! Sharron has blessed us with her car as she prepares to return to the States. Tim started the process yesterday of getting it put into our name! Whoohoo! I have not been brave enough to drive it yet, but I will once it is in our name. We are looking forward to blessing others with transportation as we have been blessed since we’ve been here.

And, finally, Jim should have his new driver’s license! After several attempts to get it down here, Candy should have it with her upon her return!!!! What a journey it has been. Praise God!

God bless!
Jim & Kate