Ahhh, to be 15…

Turning 15 in the hispanic culture is a big milestone. It is their coming-of-age time and it is a big celebration. We have 9 girls in our house that have turned 15 (or will by the end of the year) and get to participate in the festivities this year. Yesterday they got to choose the dresses (think prom) they will wear. Oh, they are going to be sooo beautiful! As the time gets closer they will help make the bouquets they will carry. The morning of graduation/quinceaneras will be very busy at our house, and start very early in the morning as the girls shower, dress, do make-up, and do their hair! This will be my first year to be in the thick of things (last year I helped with bouquets) and I think I’m as excited as they are!

God bless!
Jim & Kate