One proud ‘Mama’

This past Friday night we had vigilia. This is a time of praise and worship through songs and dramas, as well as a time of prayer and a message. Most dorms try to have at least one song or drama that the children present. In the past (Buen Pastor days), I was always interested in what each dorm would do but would have a special interest in what my boys were doing. This time I had two dorms to beam about…my former boys and my current girls. They all did most excellently (I’m not biased, hahaha)! Even though I no longer have direct influence on the boys, they will still be ‘my boys’ to me. And I have had the pleasure of adding to ‘my children’ 32 beautiful young ladies! They come with their own set of challenges, but I have grown to love them, foibles and all! God is good, all the time!

God bless!
Jim & Kate