The girls had a difficult last bimester (marking period) in school. Some girls maintained or improved their grades, but many went down. The end of the school year is drawing near and their attention wanes. What to do? If they don’t bring their grades up, they are in danger of having to repeat the grade next year. So, Jim and I decided a little external motivation (bribe?) might be needed to reignite the fire. Jim came up with a point system to be attached to their grades, and/or overall improvement, and activities that can be earned with the points. We will be sharing with them how to earn the points, and which reward they are on track for based on this last bimester. For example, if their grades this past bimester were worth 62 points, then if they maintain those grades or better they are on track to go to the water park. Please pray that this helps motivate the girls, and that they all pass their classes!

The other thing they are having trouble maintaining motivation for is keeping the dorm inspection ready. They did an awesome job getting it ready the Friday we thought the judge was coming, but as every day passes without an inspection it becomes harder for them to remember to keep things ready (even though they are reminded daily). The dorm is still fairly neat (and would take little time to be inspection ready), but not as nice as it was that Friday. I have decided to make a nice treat (yep, another bribe) for those that are consistently keeping their room ready. Please pray for clean rooms and an inspection in the not too distant future!

God bless!
Jim & Kate