This past Saturday was the big move! Jim & I have gone from having 37 ‘hijos’ (sons) to having 32 ‘hijas’ (daughters). We are getting settled in, and are thoroughly enjoying our ‘honeymoon period’ with the girls. We finally have time to study our Spanish! Jim has started using the Rosetta Stone program, and I am speaking with the girls as much as possible and using a program called Duolingo. Both of us are doing well and it is helping to build our confidence.

Some of the girls like to hang out at our door and just chat, and today I sat in the sala and helped various girls with homework. Tonight, before devotions, I tested myself on the girls’ names by writing each name on a slip of paper and then handing each girl her name. I got them all right! They cheered for my success.

Thank you, Papi, for making this switch. I was skeptical about it when he first told us, but now I am at peace. Will it always be easy? No, but I feel better equipped to handle whatever comes my way. Do I miss my boys? Some of them, and I like the change in the dynamics of our interactions. Thank You, God, for new beginnings!

God bless!
Jim & Kate