I’ve got the blues…

…paint, that is! The girls’ sala has needed repainting. It was a very dark blue/purple. Since there are no windows in there, we wanted to paint it a lighter color. I had no idea how much paint it would take, especially since we were going from a dark to a light color. So Adam brought over about 2.5 gallons of a lighter blue/gray that we could use as a primer. Yesterday, with some help from 5-6 of my girls, we got the whole sala painted in about 2 1/2 hours! And we now know that we will need about 3 gallons of whatever color we decide on for our final coat. Of course, the problem with painting one area is that it looks so nice that you look at other areas and think, “Hmmm, now this area needs painting too!” One step at a time!

God bless!
Jim & Kate