Blues Part 2

The painting of the dorm continues…this time the final, semi-gloss coat. It is going much slower because the paint is harder to work with than the water-based paint was, and we have to be more careful since it is the final coat. The walls are almost done except for the areas the rollers couldn’t reach, so tomorrow we will try to finish that. Then we need to do is the door frames. By Friday (the projected inspection day) all should be finished and beautiful!

The other ‘blues’ was our trip to immigration last Friday to apply for our 90-day visa extension. First we got lost (only briefly thanks to Mapquest), then we did not have all the paperwork we needed (they wanted to see a plane ticket back to the States), then the airline office was closed! Ugh! Sharron (who drove us) and Jim took it in stride, but I was agitated (to put it mildly). It caused us to be back late for a presentation that the graduates were doing, but we got to see most of it. We survived. Surprisingly, we were able to get our airline tickets online without the glitches we’ve had in the past, so off we will go back to immigration for another try!

God bless!
Jim & Kate