Winds of change

If you’ve read Papi’s posts lately you know that change is in the air for Casa. We will be switching dorm parents around the weekend after exams, and Jim and I will be trading places with Alex and Sarah. I have a mixture of sadness and excitement – sadness because I love our boys (yes, even the difficult ones) and have bonded with several of them, but excitement for whatever new adventures lie ahead of us with the girls. Jim will have more time to study his Spanish and continue discipling the boys because he can’t go into the girls’ area. My duties, on the other hand, may increase since I would be the one needing to handle the girl stuff. I am told we have two excellent jefas, so I’m hoping that will make the transition smoother. We meet with Alex and Sarah today to start swapping information. I had taken for granted how much I do day-to-day until I started thinking about all the things I need to share! And then there is the physical move itself! It’s a good thing we will have lots of Americans on hand to help along with the kids…it’s going to be quite the sight! Pray for us, and all of Casa, as these changes take place, that things go smoothly and wise choices have been made.

God bless!
Jim & Kate