The good, the new, and the funny

The good – Today 28 of Casa’s students are participating in the Olimpiadas de las Ciencias (Science Olympics). Ten of the 28 participants are from Buen Pastor! Pray for wisdom, but also good sportsmanship. We are very proud of our boys and all the other participants.

The new – Last night we received a new boy! He is 15 years old and will be in 4th Etapa (combined 5th – 6th grade). He has been through a lot in his short life, so lots of prayer for comfort and a smooth transition.

The funny – A couple of days ago one of our Aleluya (elementary level) boys had an assignment for homework to draw 5 kinds of fruit trees. As I’m checking his work I see he has an apple tree, a peach tree, a pear tree, a cherry tree…and a raisin tree! With help, I was able to explain to him that there are no raisin trees because raisins are dried grapes and grapes grow on vines, not trees. I erased ‘raisin’ and told him he had to pick a different fruit. I don’t remember what he chose, but it was something that was actually a fruit tree!

God bless!
Jim & Kate