Lasts & firsts, old & new

With our move to Esperanza only a few short days away, I have been reflecting a lot on ‘lasts’ and ‘firsts’…like, this is our last exam week with the boys, Sunday was our last visita with the boys, this is our last birthday celebration with the boys…But soon we will be celebrating some firsts…our first night in the new dorm, our first meeting with all the girls, our first round of holidays…So it is a time for memories already made, and those yet to come! God is good!

This has also been a week of old friends and new. There are a couple of teams down right now that we have become friends with in the past, but there are new teams and/or new team members that may grow into new friends! The teams are always such a blessing with their help and support. And, of course, once we move we will meet a whole new set of teams that have “adopted” the girls’ dorms! Thank you Susan, Cindy, and your great teams! Come visit us on the girls’ side the next time you are here!

God bless!
Jim & Kate