Yesterday was my sweetie husband’s birthday. I could not resist teasing him that the countdown had begun. As of today, he has only 364 days left until the big 6-0! To celebrate yesterday we decided to go check out GalerĂ­as Miraflores, an upscale mall in Guatemala City. It is a very nice mall, but definitely has mostly high-end, name brand stores. It also sports food courts on all three levels – your dine-in type restaurants (San Martin, Chile’s, etc.) on the bottom level, and various fast food places on the other two floors. After cruising the whole mall (just to see what was there) we had an early dinner at San Martin’s. I think Jim’s favorite place in the mall was the spa that had the aquariums along the wall as you pass by. My favorite thing was spotting a purple violin and case! The mall has a musical instrument store, and Jim and I stopped in because he had talked about wanting a coronet sometime in the future and I’ve been interested in learning the violin. That store didn’t have any coronets and only your basic violins, but an electronics store (of all places) had a small section in their window of musical instruments and that’s where I saw it! The case caught my eye first, and then upon closer inspection we found that the violin was a deep purple as well! I don’t know how good the quality of instrument it is, but it was a beauty! Definitely a motivator to start taking lessons!

God bless!
Jim & Kate