They’re everywhere!

This is one of our busiest times of year with teams coming down. We had 3 teams last week, and multiple teams over the course of the next few weeks. Rumor has it we will have over 100 missionaries on campus at one time! This past week the kids were off from school and had VBS. All seemed to have a great time! The team that put it on did a wonderful job.

This week we have a team here from our “home” state of Washington! We had connected briefly with them a year and a half ago before we moved down to Casa. They are a great group, and I’m so glad we will get to spend time with them this week.

The rain continues, though we do get some sun. Yesterday the rain was so bad that when Sharron and I tried to go to San Lucas to do some shopping we were unsuccessful. The roads were rivers (especially on the side where we needed to go) and cars were getting stalled by the water. A bus plowed through anyway and created a small tidal wave that caused the water to flow over the median and onto our side of the road! (Anyone that has been down here knows that that means the water was quite deep) I guess I’ll be needing to invest in a pair of rain boots (hmmm, maybe even the really high ones like fishermen wear)!

God bless!
Jim & Kate