My jefes stepped up to the plate on days 5 & 6 of “single-momhood” and got the boys up and to breakfast early both days!  Not surprisingly things got a little crazy before I left, but I left knowing the dorm was in capable hands – thanks Josue and Gladys.

I get to the airport with plenty of time to spare because I had no bags to check.  I had given Jim the bulk of my clothes to take when he went up so everything else I had fit into my two carry-ons.  I had brought along plenty to do since I had an 8 hour layover at LAX.  I got through immigration with no problems and was sailing through security when they pull one of my bags.  I figured they were going after my nail clippers, but, no, they set that pouch aside.  What could be the problem?  They pulled out a skein of yarn and shook their heads – YARN!  I explained I had a long layover and was making hats for my boys.  They said that it didn’t matter, if I wanted to keep the yarn I had to check the bag.  They didn’t even seem to blink at the crochet hooks, it was the yarn that had to go!  So I went back upstairs, checked the bag, talked my way back through immigration (they already had my form), and went back through security.  I got to my gate as they are starting to board!  When I got to the States I asked a TSA agent what the problem with yarn was…she had no clue.  She asked about knitting needles and I explained that all I had were 2 crochet hooks which I would have gladly given up.  She couldn’t understand about the yarn either!  Ah well, I’m not going to test my theory that it is just a Guatemala security thing…I’ll put it in the checked bags on the way back.  So all you crafty people beware…yarn is a flight hazard!  Lol!

God bless!

Jim & Kate