Happy Anniversary

My wonderful husband and I have been married 3 years today!  It has been a very eventful three years – with almost half of them being spent here at Casa.  Sometimes it seems like we have crammed almost a lifetime into these few short years.

We took a little time today to get away (thank you Angie) to grab a bite to eat and just take a breather from all that needs to be done on any given day.  We needed to dash back to get the boys their dishes for dinner (yep, we don’t always plan well), enlist Lee’s eyes for watching the boys at dinner (thank you Lee), then went back out to do our shopping and grab a treat.  Romantic? No, but still an afternoon filled with love and laughter.

Thank you to all the teams that have crossed our paths during our time here at Casa (some more than once!)  You are a blessing to all of us here, but I know that you get touched by your experiences here as well.

Three years for Jim & I…25 years for Casa…an awesome anniversary year all around!

God bless!

Jim & Kate