Graduation and World Cup Fever

Yesterday two of our boys graduated as part of the barista class (see Lee & Candy’s post for picture!). Jim went to the graduation while I watched things on the homefront. Congratulations Jose Smith and Jorge Elias! We are so proud of you! (And as Papi said at Bible this morning, when you get a job, we want free coffee – well, at least one!).

World Cup Fever has definitely taken hold in our dorm! Yesterday the team from Colfax, WA came and watched the game with our boys. At half-time they treated our guys to ice cream…yum! The cheering and shouts during the game could probably be heard all over campus. 🙂 Today during visita those that did not get a visit watched a World Cup game. Almost half the dorm was gone, but you’d never be able to tell by the volume of the cheering going on! I’m still not sure who I want to win, but it is fun seeing the boys get so excited for their favorite teams.

God bless!
Jim & Kate