The kids here at Casa have survived the first half of their school year!  Last Friday they finished their exams for the second nine-week period.  Many reported doing well on their tests.  I find it interesting that they don’t talk about passing or failing a test or class here; instead they say they have either won or lost the class or test.

Prayer please…Jim leaves for the States on Tuesday, and I become a “single mom” for 6 days until I can go join him.  We are trying to shift a little more of the load to the jefes so I won’t be too overwhelmed, and at least it is only for 6 days as opposed to the two weeks Jim had to do in February while I was in FL (and that 2 wks followed at least one other week while I was down dealing with a kidney stone!).  If nothing else, my boys will definitely come to understand the word, “No” (also, “later”).  Hmmm…maybe you need to pray for the boys more than me!  😉

God bless!

Jim & Kate