Small victories

Being the only female in a house of 38 males (not including my husband) can be quite challenging at times.  Respect for women is not high in this culture and it is something we are trying to work on with our boys.  As a result, we have a few boys that are (shall we say) less then cordial to me and/or won’t follow my instructions.  This results in elevated blood pressure and crankiness on my part, often very early in the morning (especially since I am not a morning person).  So this morning I was blessed with a few small victories.  One boy who is very disrespectful and hardly acknowledges me actually said good morning to me after I wished him good morning.  Another boy, who can’t seem to remember to knock on the door before entering our apartment, started to come in, stopped, closed the door, knocked, and announced himself!  Another boy (who does not like to wash his dishes) washed his dishes without having to be chased down.  And my blood pressure and stress level have been pretty low all day (there was a brief moment of crankiness during and after Aleluya dinner time, but I prayed it away)!  All in all it has been a “praise the Lord” kind of day!

God bless!

Jim & Kate