PTL – Jim’s perspective

Foot washing—As Kathleen said we had this wonderful surprise. The “non” Christian boy asked to wash my feet as “Jesus did with His disciples” and afterwards asked to pray for myself and Kate. He had quite a heartfelt and long prayer (espanol of course). Soon afterwards I had my second pleasant surprise. The discipleship group read from the book: Guiame, Espiritu Santo. Then one of my jefes requested my El Enojo books to begin to study with the younger boys under his charge to help them with their problems with anger. This so pleased me and after much study and preparation, he began tonight with words of wisdom! He told me of one boy who asked a lot of questions and wanted to check with me as to whether he answered them right. Some of what he said to me was better than I could have answered myself. He said they prayed for the boy who had so many questions. PTL!

(This was Jim’s post on FB.  I thought it was so great, I wanted to share it here as well)

God bless!

Jim and Kate