Mother’s Day, Buses, and Eggs

Today I had the privilege of going to two Mother’s Day celebrations.  The first one was in the city at the school where Chato is studying to become an auto mechanic.  It was a very nice celebration, and I enjoyed getting to see his school.  We were served tamales, chips, salsa, cake and milk.  Chato presented me with a card he had made for me and some chocolates!  The interesting part was the ride home…we decided to take the bus.  The guide books always warn you about taking the local buses because of robbery and such.  Add to that the fact that we were in zone 1 (not one of the best parts of the city).  But I had Chato, Alejandro, and God on my side and the trip was relatively uneventful.  It did, however, allow me to experience a part of Guatemalan culture firsthand…the bus ride itself, but also the various vendors that would get on and off selling newspapers and snacks.  It was actually a nice experience.

After returning from that celebration, I got to go to the celebration at the school at Casa.  I was chosen to participate in a game that involved holding an egg between my forehead and that of my partner and walking the length of the tables and back.  I don’t think we had taken more than a step before our egg broke (yes, it was uncooked) and slimed both of us (sorry, Patty, you got the worst of it).  Sharron, one other lady, and myself got prizes for being the oldest mothers there. 😛  Other prizes were given out, and then we were served tamales, bread, and soda.  Can we say stuffed!  All in all a very blessed day.

God bless!

Jim & Kate