Satan must not have liked all our good news because he kept sending us fire after fire yesterday to put out!  But God is good and He prevails so we made it through and today is a better day.

I am not (and never have been) a morning person, but my day started at 4:00 yesterday morning to get one of our kiddos to the front gate by 4:40 to go to the city for a doctor’s appointment.  I was able to take a brief nap until my usual alarm went off at 5:20, but from then on stuff just started happening.  Poor Jim did not get “breakfast” until 1:00 pm, and that ended up pretty much being his only meal of the day.  That’s how crazy it was!  But, as I said, God is good and we still managed to get some good prayer and devotion time in and ended the day with calm reigning once again.

The highlight of my day was our Tuesday evening women’s Bible study group.  Flor did an excellent job leading the devotional – in English!  Then we all enjoyed Choco-Flan cake that Candy had made.  It was delicious, and she graciously emailed the recipe to all of us so we can make it whenever our tummies want more!  I will need to go get a bundt pan because I think this will become a new favorite at our house (though I may try her suggestion of a loaf pan until then!).  🙂


God bless!

Jim & Kate