Finally getting it right

Thursdays are our “day off “.  Our first several months here we could not master this concept.  There were all kinds of excuses – no transportation, couldn’t leave the boys because…, one of the boys has an appointment, blah blah blah.  As a result we were getting exhausted and ineffective.  Our relationships were suffering, and doubt was creeping in.  Finally we decided we HAD to take a day off as advised by our fellow dorm parents.  With fear and guilt, we left to go shopping or just camped out down in our bedroom and refused to answer the door.  It took a few weeks to work out the bugs in the system, but finally…success!  We now guard that day and enjoy our time “away” (even if we never leave the dorm).  Oh sure, there are some days when we will do things with or for the boys on that day, but it is our choice, not their demand.  And there are times when we still get exhausted (to be expected with this many boys entrusted to us – kuddos to Lee & Candy who have even more than us!), but we are learning how to create an oasis of time to recharge and deepen the relationships that matter most – with God and each other.

God bless!

Jim & Kate