Yesterday was my “day off” and I had the privilege of spending the morning with Anda, Lee & Candy’s 3-yr old daughter, while they were in the city.Two of Anda’s favorite things are the circus and space, so we pretended to be at the circus or going to the moon…many times!  At the circus, I would be the announcer and Anda would tell me which act was next.  Sometimes she or I would be the act!  It was great fun!  For the moon trips, she would go into her tent (rocket) and I would do the countdown.  On the moon, she would gather moon rocks, then blast off to return to earth – mission accomplished!

In the afternoon, I made brownies for some of the boys.  They weren’t expecting to get any treats while Jim was gone (he’s their main provider of treats), so it was a nice surprise.

Today, Lee & Candy had to go back to the city, so I got to go play with Anda again!  Today, in addition to the circus and moon trips, we played some soccer and basketball.  She won at basketball, but I won at soccer.

Tonight I got to treat my jefes to a trip down to the local tienda.  Thank you for all your prayers because being a “single mom” this week hasn’t been so bad after all!

God bless!

Jim & Kate