Can you help?

As any of you know who have raised children, they always need something.  Our big need right now is belts….yes, belts!  The boys need them for their school pants and most of our boys have either outgrown or worn out their current belts.  They need to be black, durable, and range in length from 26 – 34″  (mostly the 30 – 34″ ones).  The boys like the woven ones with the rings at the end, but any kind will be greatly appreciated.

We have also started a fund raising project in the dorm.  The women in the village where Sharron teaches sewing make these gorgeous woven bracelets.  We will be selling them for $3.  Part of the money will go back to the women and the rest will go into our wish list fund.  The two big things on our wish list are to repair/replace our dryer (which we also use for the boys’ uniforms) and a vehicle (small pickup, preferably automatic or diesel) to be able to do more stuff with the boys.  Other staff members have been extremely generous in letting us use their vehicle or giving us rides, but we have been here over a year now and it is time to get our own wheels.  So when you are here, if you would like a nice souvenir to remind you of Guatemala just stop by Buen Pastor and we will show you the bracelets we have to sell!

God bless!

Jim & Kate