Immigration requires that we leave the country for at least 3 days every 6 months until we get our temporary residency. Amazingly, our 6 months are almost up! We were finally able to purchase out tickets today to go back to the States for 3 weeks. We will be gone from July 22 – August 12. While we are there we will be visiting the churches that have been supporting us, seeing our new grandson who is due to be born later this month, and gather things we left behind that we want to bring down with us. We have only one problem…who will watch the boys while we are gone? We know there are a lot of teams here during the summer, some of whom have a heart for our dorm (Buen Pastor). We are praying that God will lay it on the heart of one (or more) couple to volunteer to stay in our dorm with the boys while we are gone. If anyone is interested, please email us at:¬†¬†.

Thank you, and God bless!
Jim & Kate