Work of Love

This older boy is Aroldo Alexander Arqueta Ramirez who has been here at Casa for more than 12 years.
He is 24 years old and has graduated as a nurse. He works full time with our medical staff as well as attending the university.

His desire is to become a physician. Aroldo is here due to poverty, not abuse. He has the largest heart of compassion than any person who has ever been here.

His work of love with Genesis and Antonio would be a study in the love and compassion of our Lord.

Currently he has taken Sergio into his heart. Sergio is 12 years old and is in need of a kidney transplant. He lives in an apartment here
with Aroldo so that Aroldo can minister dialysis 4 times a day.

Sergio has a mother who decided that his illness was something she did not desire to fool with so she left him at the hospital. Dr Lou discovered that Sergio was in an adult ward and had him transferred to pediatrics. Dr Lou is currently trying to locate a kidney donor. He has estimated that Sergio needs a kidney within 18 months in order to survive.

Sergio’s father is illegally in the USA and says that he will not return to donate a kidney because he will be unable to get back to the USA. So this child has a family who does not care about whether he lives or dies.

When I first saw him in the hospital the Lord spoke to me the exact words He spoke when I saw Antony for the first time. “Mike, do not let him die alone in a hospital unloved”. This boy has just come into our lives and hearts and he sees Aroldo as an
older brother. I am so proud of what the Lord has done with Aroldo.

Pray that we will be able to locate a compatible donor soon. Also pray that we will be able to take the other children awaiting transplants who have no one to love them.