Now is the Time

As the children of Casa Aleluya have grown and matured, so too have their faith and their desire to serve one another. What began as a group of ‘backup singers’ for other adult staff worship leaders, has transformed into a charismatic group of about a dozen kids who manage their own practice sessions, make the song selections for Thursday night and Sunday morning services, run the sound system and choreograph dance routines — all with the desire to share the joy of the Lord with their peers.

Gladys and Priscila have stepped into the role of co-leaders with ease and with grace. Practices are held twice weekly in the blue building, during which time the group can be seen worshipping and giving praise just as if it were a normal service. Most practice nights, younger children can be found congregating in the doorway — listening, singing and learning from the witness displayed within.

Out of the group interactions come lessons of community, accountability and responsibility. There are consequences for late arrival or missing a practice. Anything less than focused, sincere behavior is not tolerated. This is time dedicated to preparation with the intent that voices, hearts and hands raised to the Father will honor and glorify Him. And in the end, that others may see and hear and desire to know the Father, loved so passionately, so fervently by others who live and work and study and love here within our own home.